Why AI is a game changer for your business and your apps

AI is such a hot topic right now with the recent release of ChatGPT-4 and the swirling concerns around whether it will make life and work easier or more complicated. 

The possibilities that AI gives you for app creation and the users of apps are game changing. 

Watch this webinar, where Fliplet CEO Ian Broom is joined by special guest Sophie Grogan, Product Owner at Eversheds Sutherland, where they discuss:

  • Different types of AI and how it’s changed over time
  • The risks of AI in business 
  • How AI can be used within Fliplet apps to help users
  • How AI can be used to help produce apps quickly in Fliplet

Fliplet is a no code/low code app building platform with a suite of solutions to support organizations with the creation, development and implementation of apps.

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