Unleashing the Power of App Promotion: Strategies for Success

Whether you’ve already launched an app or just about to take the plunge into the app publishing world, you’ll want to maximize your app’s potential by effectively promoting it before and after launch.

Watch this webinar where app experts Kyle Appleton and Felipe Garcia take you through the key ways you can enhance engagement and get the word out amongst your intended audience about how fantastic, timesaving, informative, [insert your own adjective here!] your app is.

In this webinar we delve into: 

  • How teams have successfully promoted their app at launch and on an ongoing basis
  • The features and benefits of Fliplet that you can use to promote your apps and engage with your users
  • Utilising AI to support app promotion

Fliplet is a no code/low code app building platform with a suite of solutions to support organizations with the creation, development and implementation of apps. 

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