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New data-powered screens in Fliplet apps

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Join Tonu Wu, Head of Engineering at Fliplet, on a demo session, where he showcases the new data-powered screens in Fliplet Apps, demonstrating how to dynamically pulling data from your data sources with the upcoming data-powered screens updates.

In this engaging demo, Tony discusses:
    • How data-powered screens are used in apps

    • Why we are improving data-powered screens in apps

    • What's new

    • Demonstration of the new capabilities

    • When you can use the new data-powered screens?

Who should watch?

Anyone interested in the latest advancements in Fliplet's features and solutions, including how data-powered screens are used in apps, reasons for improving them, what's new, and when to expect the updates. Perfect for strategic account holders and those managing app development or strategy at your organization.

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