Mobile apps in Healthcare: How the top 200 organizations use apps

Are you looking to understand the top trends for app solutions for Healthcare organizations in 2023? 

Watch this webinar on-demand to see Lead Researcher Lisa Broom discuss which healthcare organizations are leaders in the app solution space, the top trends from the research and understand how you can take your organization to the next level with app solutions.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • Key trends from the analysis of the global Top 200 Healthcare organizations app solutions in 2023
  • Analysis of the most popular apps and their features
  • Analysis of the benefits of the apps to users and organizations
  • Case studies from healthcare organizations
Fliplet is a no code/low code app building platform with a suite of solutions to support healthcare organizations with the creation, development and implementation of apps.

WHO SHOULD WATCH: Healthcare industry professionals who want to understand the trends and types of app solutions that the global Top 200 Healthcare organizations have launched on the app stores.

Watch on-demand