Maximizing marketing and thought leadership with apps



Fliplet and Meridian West share ideas to increase the impact of thought leadership with technology

By watching this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Fliplet’s new marketing app for clients template.
  • How the app:
    • Only takes 1 hour to produce.
    • Increases user engagement and lead generation.
    • Enables stakeholders to manage content from any device.
  • How Meridian West merges content with technology and uses apps to support entirely new solutions.
  • Opportunities for marketing teams with thought leadership, benchmarking, and engagement tools.
  • Opportunities for in-house teams through education/training, reference tools, and proposal builders.

Watch on-demand and hear from Fliplet CEO, Ian Broom, and Ben Kent, Founder of Meridian West about how your organizations can become thought leaders and deliver better content with apps. 

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