Enjoy responsibly: sustainably scale your firm’s mobile apps




Fliplet has enabled over 50 law firms to increase client engagement, efficiency, and employee satisfaction by responsibly and reliably introducing multiple mobile apps across their firm.

To achieve this, Fliplet has created an 8-week program to assist IT, Departments, Practices, and Stakeholders to deliver mobile apps, manage the associated risks, meet and manage stakeholder expectations, and provide processes that ensure maintenance is managed in a highly efficient and responsible manner.

By watching this session you will learn:

  • How to control the risks associated with mobile apps
  • Benefits of mobile apps
  • Perceived risks of mobile apps
  • How companies deliver 5 mobile apps within 8 weeks
  • Fliplet's 8-week Accelerator Program

Watch on-demand and discover how your law firm can benefit from Fliplet's Accelerator Program.

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