Accelerating client engagement and automating processes with apps



A case study with Scottish law firm 

This webinar will cover a client-facing solution created by a Scottish law firm with the following features:

  • Collect a large amount of complicated information to inform a legal document for the app user
  • Using logic to guide an app user through a time-consuming content-gathering process
  • Allow the app user to submit updated information as and when required
  • Provide a contact directory of relevant firm experts

The firm's Innovation Manager and Fliplet’s, Chris Longmuir, discuss the ScotWill app and other examples of apps that accelerate client engagement and automate processes.

By watching this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The challenges with the existing process that led to the need for a customer experience app
  • The internal process the firm went through to bring the app to life, included engaging with stakeholders
  • Success to date and how the app has increased client engagement
  • Future plans for the app
  • Client engagement and automating processes examples

Watch the webinar on-demand to discover how your business can boost client experience with an app.

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