Ward and Smith

"When we originally looked at Fliplet, what really appealed to us was the simplicity and the ease of creating these apps. Being able to drag and drop components and really leverage a lot of the pre-built functionality from within Fliplet."

Facing a battle with the complex and time consuming task of maintaining and updating a self-built mobile app, Ward and Smith turned to Fliplet to recreate their directory app quickly and easily, relieving the stress and pressure on the IT teams.

In this video case study, you can expect to find out:
  • Introduction to Charles
  • Who are Ward and Smith?
  • What are Charles’ key responsibilities?
  • Why did Ward and Smith choose Fliplet?
  • What was the first app Ward and Smith created?
  • Why was having a directory app so important to the firm?
  • What did Ward and Smith create next?
  • What benefits have Ward and Smith received from Fliplet? 
  • How did Ward and Smith find the onboarding process?
  • How will Ward and Smith use Fliplet in the future?
  • What advice would Charles give to anyone considering Fliplet?
  • How can people reach Ward and Smith?

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