Gowling WLG drives innovation and client engagement with Fliplet 

"You can go very quickly from the prototype to the MVP and then to the live product." Ginevra Saylor, Director, Innovation and Knowledge Programs at Gowling WLG 

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Fliplet's platform has been instrumental in empowering Gowling WLG to innovate swiftly. By allowing them to transition quickly from an idea to a fully-functioning app in record time, Fliplet has helped put Gowling at the forefront of digital innovation. The seamless integration of Fliplet into their strategy has not only accelerated their internal processes but also enabled them to offer their clients unparalleled services.

Gowling's journey with Fliplet demonstrates how versatile and effective digital solutions can significantly enhance an organization's operational and strategic capabilities.

To delve deeper into the range of apps Gowling has developed including an Event app for their client as well as a return to office app for staff during Covid, and explore their key features, sign up to watch the comprehensive case study.

In this video case study, you can expect to find out:
  • How did Gowling WLG build apps before Fliplet?
  • How does Ginevra use Fliplet in her role?
  • Why did Gowling WLG choose Fliplet over other platforms?
  • How do Gowling WLG use Fliplet for internal purposes?
  • How do Gowling WLG use Fliplet for external purposes?
  • How was the experience of building an event app with Fliplet?
  • What benefits have Gowling WLG received from Fliplet?
  • What feedback have Gowling WLG received from users and app builders?
  • What apps do Gowling WLG have planned for the future?
  • How can people get in touch?

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