Gateley's journey with Fliplet 

"Because of the diverse range of businesses that make up Gateley, we have needed a tool that will allow us to do different things and be different things to different people. We use Fliplet because it is easy to deploy. We can set up pages and apps which you can deploy anywhere within the space of minutes and hours." Joe Edwards, Senior Digital Marketing Manager 

From creating internal apps to client-centric apps like response management and crisis management advice to tax calculators, Fliplet has brought about a paradigm shift in Gateley's problem-solving approach, saving them significant time and costs that are typically involved in traditional app development.

In this video case study, you can expect to find out:
  • Who are Gateley? 
  • How does Gateley use Fliplet? 
  • What are the key Fliplet features you use?
  • Why did Gateley choose Fliplet? 
  • What problems does Gateley solve using Fliplet? 
  • How do you ensure your apps perform as you expect? 
  • How do you use Fliplet for web apps?
  • How has Gateley benefited from Fliplet? 
  • How does the marketing team at Gateley use Fliplet? 
  • How do you find working with the Fliplet platform? 
  • What does the future of apps look like for Gateley? 
  • How can people get in touch?

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