Eversheds Sutherland's suite of apps


Empowering staff across the business to design and create apps with easy-to-use templates.

Read this case study to see how Eversheds Sutherland's non-technical teams have created a dynamic portfolio of apps that has led to a positive impact across the business, both internally and externally.

  • Challenge: Eversheds Sutherland wanted a platform where they could communicate information internally and externally. However, apps commissioned via agencies were taking months to create and were difficult to maintain without the help of their technical teams.

  • Solution: Fliplet gave Eversheds Sutherland a simple, streamlined tool that transformed their app-creation process and also meant the work could be shared across the business instead of always falling to the technical teams.

  • Results: People across the business have quickly and easily created a suite of apps, (one of which is award winning). This has helped the business to improve both the employee and client experience.

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